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Ref:                  156/B/283

Date:                24 November 2004

The Future of Iran

An assessment of the political and cultural position of the Iranian Media broadcasting into Iran

۱۱ December 2004,

Palms Room, 4th Floor, University of London Union, Malet Street, London, WC1

۱۳:۳۰ – ۲۰:۰۰

In keeping with its aims and objectives of in-depth studies of issues concerning the future of Iran Association of Iranian Researchers (ACI) is pleased to announce its thirty eighth international conference. This conference is co-convened with ‘Artists without Frontiers’ and coincides with the anniversary of the publication of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Like all preceding conferences ACI looks to the future and finding the best solutions for building a positive future for Iran. The speakers in alphabetical order are:

Dr Sirus Amouzegar Writer and Journalist – France Human Rights and the Media
Sirus Malakooty Composer and Founder of Artists Without Frontiers – England The Cultural Degeneration Among Iranian Media Abroad
Taghi Mokhtar Proprietor and Chief Editor of ‘The Iranian’ Newspaper (Published Washington) – USA ‘Hakha’ and The Hidden Agenda of Satellite Televisions: The Double Sided Suspicion and Reciprocity of Money, Fame and Politics


Behruz Nikzat Head of Radio Farda (Washington Office) – USA The Role and Policy of Radio Farda Concerning Iran
Dr Alireza Nourizadeh Independent Writer and Journalist – England The Positive and Negative Role of Audio Visual Media Outside Iran In The Freedom Movement In Iran


Dr Kazem Ranjbar Socio-politologue, Researcher – France The Tragedy of A Nation

ACI, an intellectual forum, works to identify the problems concerning the future of Iran and Iranians. By analysing the issues and problems facing the future of Iran, ACI hopes to offer well-informed and expert solutions to improve and overcome them. ACI maintains an impartial and an unprejudiced approach to all its activities and respects all schools of thought. We work actively with colleagues from all over the world, and hope to contribute towards a better future for Iran. We welcome and invite the participation of all those interested in the future of Iran.